MRSA Activists Rally for World MRSA Day 

MRSA Survivors Network, the prominent advocacy group in the USA is joining with organisations across the world for the inaugural World MRSA Day - October 2nd.  The official website can be found at

MRSA activists, including MRSA Action UK, are calling for world unity from governments, the healthcare industry and the community for a greater response to the MRSA epidemic-pandemic that has swept the globe at an alarming rate.

MRSA Survivors Network, the official organisation for World MRSA Day, along with its sponsors - 3M, Tec Labs, Cepheid and Pfizer - will kick-off events in the USA for World MRSA Day with an inaugural pre-launch international press conference and event at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois USA on October 1st 2009.

Following the international press conference, the first official event will be an awareness raising and remembrance ceremony for those who have lost their lives or suffered from this preventable disease.  MRSA survivors, their families and all of those touched by this disease will have their voices heard.  Government, healthcare industry personnel along with the community, students and fellow consumer advocates will join together in commemorating on this historic day.  Around the world, events and commemorative services will take place in communities on October 2nd and throughout the month of October, MRSA Awareness Month.

We mourn together for all of the people who have died and who are now suffering.  World MRSA Day will provide us with a much needed opportunity to heighten awareness of how MRSA is transmitted and also acknowledge that there is no cure or vaccine for this preventable, mostly un-reported disease in which the true magnitude of the epidemic is still unknown.

MRSA Action UK will be co-ordinating events with colleagues across the healthcare sector in preparation for the day of awareness and remembrance in the UK.  MRSA was discovered here in the UK by Professor Patricia Jevons on October 2nd 1961 at Colindale Laboratories in London, read MRSA - a potted history to learn more.

Co-chairs for events in the USA are: Jeanine Thomas, MRSA Survivors Network; Illinois State Rep. Patti Bellock; and Pat Merryweather, Sr. Vice President of Illinois Hospital Association.

For further information on events in the USA, activist participation and how your organisation or company can become an official sponsor contact:

Jeanine Thomas
MRSA Survivors Network
630 654-4588 USA

For events or details of being an official sponsor in the UK contact:

Derek Butler
MRSA Action UK
01772 683 788
07762 741114

Official World MRSA Day web site:

If you or someone you care about has been affected by a healthcare infection and you wish to discuss this with us, please contact us at