North West Simulation Network training event

North West Simulation Network training event
Whiston Hospital, 1st June 2012

Derek Butler was invited to participate as an observer of the North West Simulation Network training event by Mark Hellaby. Mark is manager of the North West Simulation Network, where this pilot will use simulation to reinforce the World Health Organisation's patient safety multi-professional curriculum.

Derek attended Whiston Hospital Education Centre to see the culmination of the training that a range of practitioners had undertaken in a ward simulation, the simulation was filmed so that students could receive feedback.

Video of simulation used for feedback

Derek with Mark Hellaby (centre) and faculty tutors

This was an opportunity to look at this innovative way of gaining experience with a fresh eye, and Derek was not only able to give feedback and share his experience from the patients' perspective, but share his experience of risk management in his job in the nuclear industry. Simulation is a good way to learn and Derek compared this to the experience of the pilot who was able to carry out an emergency landing on the Hudson River three years ago. The Captain relied on his experience, and his learning in the simulator to deal with just such an emergency, without which he may not have been able to keep such a cool head and complete the manoeuvre to land the Airbus A320 safely.

The beauty of the simulation is that mistakes can be made here and learned from without any harm.

We will be giving views on the curriculum from a patient perspective and welcome the opportunity to be involved.

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