NHS Warrington working with MRSA Action UK 

Tuesday, 29th June 2010

Derek Butler presented

A Healthcare Infection - A Lifetime Legacy at Warrington PCT's Infection Control Study Day

Warrington PCT has been working in partnership with the infection control team at North Cheshire Hospital looking at the cohorting of infected patients, antibiotic prescribing, handwashing with soap and water and cleaning of the patient environment. Warrington PCT's Medicines Management Team and the Warrington Commissioning Consortium are optimising antibiotic prescribing in primary care. This is just some of the work that has taken place in the area.


Derek Butler was invited to Warrington PCT's Infection Control Study Day to talk about the patient and carer perspective on contracting an infection, he shared both personal experiences and that of other patients and relatives who have been affected through contracting healthcare associated infections.


The audience of over 50 healthcare professionals from various backgrounds listened intently to the devastating effect that losing the people from what was in most of the cases given, entirely avoidable, the people involved were not all old, they were in need of the best quality care at a vulnerable time in their lives and the system had let them down.  There were also positive outcomes in the presentation to show what can and is being achieved with the right conviction, and a zero tolerance to avoidable infections, wherever the care is given.


Derek emphasised that there needs to be a joined up approach to reducing the suffering caused by avoidable healthcare infections.  The community and the acute hospital trusts have to share information and more importantly communicate with each other, Derek also said he felt that there is a complete lack of education surrounding the link between the rise of the so called superbugs and the use of antibiotics.  Derek reiterated that we should look at antibiotics like any other finite resource on this planet, and to treat them accordingly in being sparing with their use, and infections should be targeted correctly with the appropriate antibiotic in a first strike in treatment.


Derek was thanked for his presentation and for reiterating that the Charity is always ready to work with healthcare professionals in improving the patient experience throughout their journey.


If you or someone you care about has been affected by a healthcare infection and you wish to discuss this with us, please contact us at info@mrsaactionuk.net