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Cherwell Centre Summer Camp, Waddecar 

5th August 2012

Last year Derek Butler and Maria Cann joined in activities with the children from the Cherwell Centre at Grange Park, where we held sessions practising handwashing with a light-box that Blackpool PCT had donated. There were also opportunities to learn about bacteria with Staphon the superbug on hand.

We joined the children again this year at their summer camp, held at Waddecar, headquarters and activity centre of the West Lancashire Scouts. Molnlycke Healthcare arranged for Staphon's guest appearance again, and Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust donated soaps and activities.

Maureen Horn is pictured with Staphon and the children, Maureen has championed hand hygiene, together with learning about healthy eating and growing food with the children on Grange Park for a number of years and it is always a pleasure to join her and all her helpers.

Learning life skills is an important part of the work that Maureen helps the children with and the activities at Waddecar were an opportunity to take on new exciting challenges with the Scouts including archery, pond dipping, canoeing, rafting, climbing, shooting, to name just a few.

e-Bug and the six steps of hand washing, there are downloadable resources at

Hull & East Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust's Sammie Soap materials are downloadable form including certificates and teachers packs

We are able to supply resources for the children to continue their learning and promote hand hygiene. Hull & East Yorkshire NHS Trust have developed Sammie Soap activities available online at and other learning resources are available on the e-bug website

If you want to get involved, join the UK Schools Hand Hygiene Challenge on the 15th October 2012

e-Bug has teamed up with School Councils, UK to set a nationwide Hand Hygiene Challenge. Teaching hygiene can sometimes be challenging but here's a chance to make it a fun and exciting event for all students and teachers.

Guinness World Records have recognised the hand hygiene challenge as a legitimate Record Breaking attempt! By taking part in the hand hygiene challenge, not only will you be teaching children one of the most basic lessons they can be taught to prevent the spread of infection but your school could also be participating in a Record Breaking Attempt.

If your school registers an interest the Health Protection Agency will send an information pack containing everything they need to plan the day, including the lesson plan and press releases! The Health Protection Agency will even send information of other schools in your area that are taking part so that you can join forces to make this a united and fun experience for everyone.

If your schools are interested in taking part all they have to do is register their details by emailing or visiting the e-Bug website

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