Record of events

These are just some of our more recent events. Visit our archived pages for events prior to 2012 to see TV appearances and other activities in our work with government, healthcare trusts and other agencies to raise the profile and awareness about healthcare infections and disseminate good practice.  If you would like more information about any of the items here, or if there other events you would like to see included then please contact us at

Meeting with the Department of Health to discuss enhancing the mandatory surveillance of healthcare associated infections
22nd November 2012

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss proposed changes in the way the reporting of healthcare associated infections would inform policies for delivering a more joined up approach to dealing with preventable healthcare associated infections. More...

Reducing HCAIs and Improving Patient Safety
Thursday 22nd November 2012, Central London

Derek Butler and Maria Cann attended 'Reducing HCAIs and Improving Patient Safety' at the CBI Conference Centre, London. Dr Natasha Robinson, President, Patient Safety Section, Royal Society of Medicine was the chair of the conference; she is also an anaesthetist and said that one of biggest fears, apart from the effects of anaesthesia, is contracting a healthcare associated infection. Although it's good news that the data on published infections has reduced there is still a great deal to do. More...

University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust invites
MRSA Action UK to their Infection Prevention study day

14th November 2012

Derek Butler, Chair of MRSA Action UK joined Kate Prevc Modern Matron for Infection Prevention and Control at University Hospital in Coventry for the Trust's Infection Prevention and Control Study Day. The theme for the study day was joined-up thinking, looking at how the Trust works alongside the community, inter-departmental cooperation, and communication with patients. Staff were moved by Derek's presentation and the patient stories, they also shared our concerns about the challenges of increasing cases of Staphylococcus and Clostridium difficile infections in the community. More...

was busy for Jules and Steve

Jules and Steve completed The Great South Run (10 miles) on the 27th October, sponsored by BUPA and broadcast on Channel 5. Julia finished in 01:27:32 and Steve completed only just behind in 01:27:43, amazing achievement yet again!

They are pictured triumphant again on the 7th October after completing the Windsor Half Marathon

Jules and Steve completed the Richmond Deer Park 10K on
Sunday 18th November 2012
Steve completed in 53:52 ahead of Jules who finished in 55:48. Jules and Steve's actual events have covered over 218 miles, that does not include their training.

The First UK Summit on Hand Hygiene Sustainability in Health Care

The Alliance of Patients and Healthcare Workers led the hand hygiene summit at the GovToday conference on the 24th October. Andrea Jenkyns gave her very moving presentation "The Way Forward; from the Patient Perspective".

Sheldon Stone outlined the success of the Cleanyourhands campaign, propagated in the context of a very high political focus. More..

Blackpool children rise to the challenge on Global Handwashing Day
October 15th 2012. More....

View the event on
The Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap website.

Colleagues across healthcare recognised the significance of World MRSA Day on October 2nd 2012 at Infection Prevention 2012. The exhibition hall at the Echo Arena was full of people wearing awareness ribbons, we took the opportunity to take photos of our colleagues from industry who were sporting their MRSA Awareness ribbons on the day. Many people were not aware that MRSA was 51 years old on October 2nd. More.....

SURF Workshop
25 September 2012
Goodenough College, London

Maria Cann and Helen Bronstein attended the SURF Workshop in London. There were a lot of interesting learning and development opportunities discussed, and updates on research projects that we are involved in. More....

Meeting with the Minister of State for Health
the Rt. Hon Dan Poulter MP
11th September 2012

On 11th September, Andrea Jenkyns met the Rt. Hon Dan Poulter Health Minister and Claire Boville, Head of HCAI Policy, at the Department of Health. Andrea spoke of the lack of care for her Dad in hospital. He was very sympathetic, and understood, as he had lost a family member through a healthcare associated infection. The Minister will come back with a response to us with the questions that were presented to him on the day, due to having only 20 minutes to hear our concerns.

Department of Health on Patient-Led Inspections of the Hospital Environment
Findings from the consultation with third sector organisations and patients

The recent survey of patients that was developed as a result of workshops with third sector organisations shows just how important a clean environment is to patients. The questions in the survey were devised by the Department of Health. In setting the questions, the team drew on the outputs of workshops and consultations. An internet link to the consultation survey was emailed to a total of 95 third sector organisations, including MRSA Action UK, LINks and active patient representatives.

This is an important development that we hope will provide public assurance and protection, to help restore public trust and confidence in the action being taken to prevent and control healthcare associated infections, in what should be a caring environment. We maintain our opinion that environmental testing should be carried out as part of the inspection process. We are disappointed about the failure to recognise the needs of very vulnerable patients in terms of food and any help that may be needed at meal times, as the consultation questions did not incorporate an opportunity to comment on this aspect of care. More about the survey findings, workshops and our opinion...

Cherwell Centre Summer Camp, Goosnargh, Lancashire
5th August 2012

Last year we joined in activities with the children from the Cherwell Centre at Grange Park and the Community Garden, where we had fun with Staphon the superbug, and practising handwashing with the light-box that Blackpool PCT had donated. There were also opportunities to learn about bacteria with Staphon the superbug on hand. We joined the children again this year at their summer camp, held at Waddecar, headquarters and activity centre of the West Lancashire Scouts. Molnlycke Healthcare arranged for Staphon's guest appearance again, and Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust donated soaps and activities. More....


August 2012

Our thanks go to Synergy Health PLC, their staff raised £389.52 in a raffle during activities targeted at increasing awareness of the importance of hand hygiene and protecting patients.

Synergy Healthcare distributed their antibacterial hand mousse Assure to sites across the UK as well as some campaign posters promoting awareness of hand hygiene, reminding people of the consequences of poor hand hygiene. Those that purchased a raffle ticket were asked to complete a questionnaire about their personal hand hygiene and provided with a complimentary bottle of Assure hand sanitiser.

A number of prizes were given and funds raised were split between MRSA Action UK and the charity elected by the site with the highest participation rate.

Matthew Frampton, Business Manager at the Swindon site told us "It's the first time we have carried out something like this and although we do participate in nationally run days such as Wear it Pink"

"I think it was a good experience and one that we can build upon; aligning our commercial goals with wider societal objectives."

MRSA Action UK's Annual Memorial Event at
Westminster Abbey
took place on Thursday 28th June 2012

The Board of Trustees of MRSA Action UK met members and friends at Westminster Abbey on Thursday 28th June 2012 for the service at the Innocent Victims Memorial Stone and laying of floral tributes. More....

Thank you to staff and customers at The Dickin Arms

Our thanks go to patrons of the Dickin Arms pub in Loppington, Shropshire, who collected £100 for MRSA Action UK after the sad death of a friend from MRSA. They are pictured with a cheque made out to MRSA Action UK on the 28th June 2012, the day of our annual memorial event.

Delegates from MRSA Action UK participated in Gov Today's Conference: Reducing Infections, Improving Health Outcomes, on Wednesday, 6th June 2012. More...

North West Simulation Network training event
Whiston Hospital, 1st June 2012

Derek Butler was invited to participate as an observer of the North West Simulation Network training event by Mark Hellaby. Mark is manager of the North West Simulation Network, where this pilot will use simulation to reinforce the World Health Organisation's patient safety multi-professional curriculum. More....

Derek Butler, Chair of MRSA Action UK, presented at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital on 28th May 2012 at the link nurse infection prevention study day. More....

Meeting with Shadow Health Secretary
The Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP

Friday 25th May 2012

Derek Butler, Chairman of MRSA Action UK met with the Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham to talk about the key issues facing patients and the wider public surrounding MRSA and other healthcare associated infections. The meeting was timely with the recent publication of the Health Protection Agency report on healthcare associated infections and antimicrobial usage, and the changes coming on how healthcare is commissioned and regulated. More...

Derek Butler, Chair of MRSA Action UK and The Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP,
Shadow Health Secretary

Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust's
Give Soap a Chance Campaign wins award

21st May 2012
Congratulations to Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust on winning a £1,000 education grant for their Give Soap a Chance Campaign in the Clinician's Choice category of Kimberley Clarke's HAI Watchdog Awards. More...

Jules and Steve completed the
Great Baddow 10 Mile Road Race in Chelmsford
for MRSA Action UK on Sunday 20th May 2012

Jules and Steve Owen managed yet another fantastic feat on Sunday 20th May in the Great Baddow 10 Mile Road Race, in their home town of Chelmsford. Fatima Whitbread also attended to preside over a 2 mile fun run.

They both crossed the finish line in 1 hour 35 minutes. Phew, where do you both get your energy!

Steve appeared on Sky News on May 24th, talking to reporter Thomas Moore about his Dad, Donald, and how the antibiotics could not fight the MRSA that eventually led to multi-organ failure. There is more about the story on our Press and Media page.
More about their achievements to date...

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
Annual Infection Prevention and Control Conference 17 May 2012

Derek Butler and Maria Cann attended East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust Annual Infection Prevention and Control Conference in Hatfield. Derek presented a very moving account of people who had been lost to MRSA and Clostridium difficile in both the hospital and community environment, those who had died were from all age groups, some were young and not all were being treated for life-threatening illness. Good practice was also included in the presentation giving an opportunity to show how good communication and information can make a difference to those families who are affected. More...

Andrea is invited to Number 10 and she's proudly sporting her MRSA awareness ribbon!

Since my beloved Dad passed away, I am sure that he has become my guardian angel and is working his magic up there for me. For since Dad's passing I have received three invitations out of the blue. Firstly to visit the House of Commons, secondly Number 10 and then on the 22nd May, Mum and I have been invited to the Queens Garden Party, which amazingly, is on my Dad's birthday. More...

SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands WHO's global annual campaign
5th May 2012
There was a lot of coverage in the press about the success of the cleanyourhands campaign and we took the opportunity to raise the profile of the day and the charity with the press, media and our newly formed social networking links. We have been invited to do an animated video through our colleagues at and Derek met with them in Leeds on the 10th May to give advice on the structure and editorial of the video. Let us know if you saw any activity on promoting SAVE LIVES: cleanyourhands at your local hospital or surgery on 5th May

New links formed with the Bella Moss Foundation
Andrea Jenkyns was contacted by Jill Moss founder of the Bella Moss Foundation last month and Andrea met with Jill who sits on the advisory committee at DEFRA regarding resistant bacterial infections in companion animals and the use of antimicrobials and infection control in veterinarian practice. Jill, whose dog Bella died with MRSA, attended our inaugural Memorial Event back in 2005 and we will be meeting her again this year as she will be attending the Memorial Event at Westminster Abbey on the 28th June. We look forward to seeing Jill and working with her to raise awareness in the future.

On Sunday 15 April 2012 Jules achieved a fantastic 4 hour 26 minute finish
in the Brighton Marathon for MRSA Action UK

The Brighton Marathon had over 18,000 runners this year, and many charities were supported by the fantastic efforts of those taking part. For Julia Owen, aka Jules, this was a personal triumph as she completed the marathon in just 4 hours 26 minutes.

This is Jules's fourth race of the year, and race number fourteen for MRSA Action UK. Her husband Steve was cheering her on. It was perfect conditions for marathon running. Jules's phenomenal finish time left her delighted. She said "I'm so chuffed with the time".

We are chuffed too Jules, it's a fantastic achievement!

If Jules and Steve are running at a venue near you then please go and cheer them on, if you can't make it then leave a message on their Just Giving page. To follow Jules and Steve's progress and see how they are doing with their challenge visit their webpage at

Derek Butler, Chair of MRSA Action UK
Met the critical care nurses at Kings College Hospital
on Wednesday 4th April 2012

On the 4th April Derek Butler visited Kings College hospital after being invited to give a presentation to around 15 critical care nurses. Sharon Radway the Sister of the Surgical/Medical Critical Care Unit at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust sent the invitation after watching Derek give a presentation to staff from across the hospital trust in 2010 on World MRSA Day. Sharon said that she wanted Derek to give a presentation to her team of nurses on the importance of good infection prevention and control and to let them hear for themselves the devastating effects these infections have, not just on the patient but on their families as well. Derek wanted to show them that whilst we can learn from the past, we must not live in the past and learn from the mistakes we have made, so that we never leave families with the legacy many of us have lived with for many years.

Derek's Presentation looked to the future and why it was so important that we get things right now, and not leave future generations wondering why we did nothing when we had the chance. Derek left this thought in their minds "That all we have to remember is that the only requisite for healthcare infections to spread is that good people do nothing."

Derek, pictured with staff and infection prevention and control nurses on World MRSA Day

House of Commons Event
Hosted by Robert Buckland MP
March 26th 2012

Helen Bronstein attended the House of Commons on March 26th at an event sponsored by Becton Dickenson, hosted by Robert Buckland MP. The theme was 'awareness'. Helen spoke of the need for a public health campaign that would give people control of their care, which should aim to have healthcare professionals and patients working towards the same goals. Helen said we had some successes in helping healthcare workers set up their infection control practices but it needs to be more widespread. Other charities attending the event included Diabetes UK and C.diff Support.

MRSA Action UK attended the Gov Today Conference: Healthcare Associated Infections, evaluating progress: analysing the threats
14th March 2012

Minister of State for Health Simon Burns commended NHS staff across the country for their efforts in reducing infections. He said that national statistics can hide local problems and he was setting new ambitions to reduce infections even further, "I want to see a further 29% reduction in MRSA bacteraemias and an 18% reduction in C.difficile infections, which will be no more than 900 MRSA infections and 3,500 C.difficile infections by April 2013. There would be no free rides on the tail coats of the trail blazers, but individual responsibilities for all." The Minister also gave a commitment to surveillance of other pathogens and wished to see a zero tolerance to all avoidable infections. More...

Report from the SURF Workshop 28th February 2012
Held in central London, more.....

Friday 10th February 2012
NICE Office, Manchester

With Catherine Swann, Associate Director, Centre for Public Health Excellence NICE and Bharat Patel, Consultant Medical Microbiologist / Health Protection Agency Microbiology Services HCAI Lead for London, more....

Monday 30th January 2012
Isle of Man
16th Infection Prevention & Control Conference
This educational event for healthcare staff on the Island was well attended by a mix of professionals including nurses, care home staff, podiatrists, pharmacists, those working in public health, occupational health and others. Derek Butler presented "Healthcare Infections, The Challenge Ahead" telling patient stories, and the impact of both good and poor practice, more....  
Jason Kallis takes the Tough Guy Challenge for
MRSA Action UK
on 29th January 2012

On the 29th January 2012 Jason Kallis competed in the "Tough Guy" charity run/assault course to raise money for two charities, including MRSA Action UK. If you would like to sponsor Jason please click on the following link and then scroll down and click on the "Donate" button:

The Tough Guy Event is an 8 mile assault course that includes obstacles designed to test your nerve and endurance. It's no walk in the park - apart from being soaked in a river and several ponds during the extreme cold Jason must get over or run through 40 foot 'A' frames, electrified barriers, fields of fire, and long sewer pipes. For more details and videos of past Tough Guy events visit 
The two charities we are supporting are: 
MRSA Action UK and The Mercy Ships organisation (see - a charity that supports people with no access to medical care in the third world.
Funds raised will split equally between the charities, and the money raised for Mercy Ships will be distributed by Jason's local church, as they are affiliated with the charity
MRSA Action UK has been certified as a provider of safe, reliable, high quality health and social care information 
19th January 2012 

MRSA Action UK has been certified as a provider of high quality health and social care information by The Information Standard scheme. MRSA Action UK met the scheme criteria of producing safe and reliable health and social care information. The organisation has consequently been awarded The Information Standard quality mark, which it can display on its literature and website illustrating to the public that its information can be trusted. More....