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MRSA Action UK has had an active editorial panel since 2008. This panel makes a really important and useful contribution to the information we produce. However, not everyone who may be interested in the information we provide will have the time to contribute by attending our editorial meetings.

With this in mind we looked for other ways to involve patients and the public in the process of producing information leaflets and website material.

We found that many other organisations use a reading panel. A group of people, who review, comment upon and edit written material produced for their community or organisation they have an interest in. The aim is to make sure that information is easy to read and understand.

Panel members

We are always looking for patients and members of the public who want to become part of our reading panel. If you think you might be interested or you want to find out more contact us at or call us on 07762 741114

How it works

When an information leaflet or webpage is being developed or reviewed before it is reprinted, a draft copy is sent to members of the reading panel along with a feedback form.

This feedback form has a series of questions for the panel members to consider and they have about two weeks to fill them in and return them.

All the comments are then considered and the leaflet or webpage is published following any changes that have been made as a result of the panel's feedback.

Feedback already received

The comments made by the members of the public in relation to our leaflets and website material have resulted in attention being given to the size of the text in leaflets and to a text reader being made available on the website, and information being made accessible in other languages.

We always welcome feedback, so if you don't want to contribute to the panel and have any comments about any of the information on this website and how useful it was for you please contact us at so that we can make sure our information meets the needs of the people who use it.


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