Hand hygiene poster competition winner announced
Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Infection Prevention and Control hand hygiene poster competition winner announced
06 December 2013

Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and charity MRSA Action UK are pleased to announce the winner of the infection prevention and control schools poster competition, after a search took place for the best design.

Milena Chambers, aged nine, from Outwood Primary Academy, Kirkhamgate Wakefield, had her artwork chosen for the winning poster to raise awareness of the importance of hand hygiene.

Wash your hands winning poster

MRSA Action UK approached the Trust to partner with them to raise awareness of the importance of hand hygiene in reducing infections, and decided that a campaign involving local schools would be most effective.

Milena's design featured the words. "Washing your hands is important because you need to get rid of any germs," and will now be part of the official patient information posters used in hospitals across the Trust.

Runner up was Zara Kabir aged ten also from Outwood Primary Academy, and along with the winner, received an official certificate and vouchers.

"MRSA" stands for meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. An infection with the germ mainly occurs in people who are already ill, and can occur wherever healthcare is given. Infection prevention poster competition 2013 Chris Cruise, Head of Infection Prevention and Control at the Trust said:

"We need users of our services to help to contribute in our fight against infection. We want our patients and visitors to challenge us by asking 'have you cleaned your hands?' when they're accessing our services.

"It's very important to get children involved, they see the world from a simplistic perspective and they have no preconceived ideas, they say it how they see it. Or draw it as they see it, as we found in the poster competition, the designs the children produced were very good !"

Derek Butler is Chair and co founder of MRSA Action UK. Over the last 12 years, Derek has lost three members of his family, his stepfather, uncle and grandfather, to the MRSA infection. He thinks that education is key to fighting it. He said:

"Healthcare infections are evolving all the time, so we need to educate children as well about the importance of good hand hygiene, and staying healthy.

"Washing hands is the first line of defence. Children have a very powerful voice in society. It's very hard for parents to argue against the children, when the children are telling them, 'Well you should be washing your hands too.'

"That's why I think it's important that hospitals like Pinderfields and the school, should be working together. It's good community relationship as well."

Derek continues:

"It's important that children learn the simple concept of hand hygiene. And there is a slogan that is going around which says 'give soap a chance.' It's the perfect slogan, all we are asking for children is to give soap a chance, and if they do, they'll live a healthier life."

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