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These downloadable posters on how and when to handwash are in pdf format, please allow time for them to download. If you would like hard copies then please email us and we can arrange to send them to you.

Your five moments for hand hygiene

How to handwash

Right time, right place

Five moments for hand hygiene

The World Health Organisation have developed the 'Five Moments' for hand hygiene, defining the key points for healthcare workers to clean their hands. The World Health Organisation and the National Patient Safety Agency have developed posters and resources to help illustrate these moments for both acute and community care settings. It is important that anyone involved in delivering healthcare to a patient remembers to wash and gel their hands effectively at the point of care - this includes anyone coming into contact with the patient and their surrounding environment.

Posters & handouts

These posters/handouts are provided for both acute and community trusts with the patient shown in both a bed and a chair.

Five moments - patient in bed

Five moments - patient in chair


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