Photo gallery 

Maureen Horn meets Staphon the superbug at The Big Lunch in the Community Garden,
Grange Park, Sunday 5th June 2011

The Solardome was ideal for testing out the light-box using ultra-violet light and glo gel, to see how well we washed our hands.

Jo Parker helps out at The Big Lunch in the Community Garden.

Children from the Cherwell Centre at Grange Park meet Staphon and learn more about microbes, healthy eating and the importance of good hand-hygiene.

Jeanine Thomas presents the MRSA Survivors Network "Man of the Year" Award to
Derek Butler, Chair of MRSA Action UK at the Memorial Event Reception on
8th July 2010

The MRSA Action UK wreath donated by Minka of Rosalie Owen Florists arrive at
Westminster Abbey by the taxi, in the Charity's livery, donated by Asher Moses of

The taxi takes a trip to No.10 Downing Street and on to Parliament Square
before the service

Friends and guests meet members of MRSA Action UK before the service, from left to right Karen Stark, Jean O'Callaghan, Chief Executive Bedford Hospital NHS Trust, John Galvin, Garth, Jeanine Thomas, MRSA Survivors Network, Eileen Henderson, Assistant to Medical Director, Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust

The Reverand Canon Jane Hedges reads the prayers at the Memorial Service on
the  8th July 2010.

Eileen Henderson, guest speaker at the Reception is able to share experiences
of working in partnership with businesses and the local community, raising
awareness of the simple measures we can all take to help prevent infections with
the very successful "Give Soap a Chance Campaign"

MRSA Action UK President, Professor Hugh Pennington addresses guests at the Reception after the Memorial Event.
Westminster Abbey, July 9th 2009.  A tribute to those lost and those who are suffering from healthcare infections.   Jeanine Thomas, Nigel Evans MP, Mavis Law, Brian, Joan and Sharon Long, Richard Burton, Annette Jeanes, Helen and Jessica Bronstein, Eileen Mitchell, Eric and Adele Lloyd, pictured with families and friends during prayers for the victims.
President of MRSA Action UK, Professor Hugh Pennington with Derek Butler and Jeanine Thomas, before the ceremony and laying a tribute.
Derek Butler and Maria Cann before the ceremony, Eileen Mitchell is pictured with Maria and Hugh, Dale Law in the background.
NHS 60th Anniversary Celebrations at Westminster Abbey on the 2nd July 2008.  Pictures of Prince Charles leaving the Abbey.  As other dignatories left the Abbey we took the opportunity to extend our invitation to attend the Memorial Event on the 3rd July in person to Health Minister Ben Bradshaw MP and Health Secretary Alan Johnson MP, who thanked us but did not attend the tribute to those affected and lost to healthcare infections.
Guests arriving at Westminster Abbey on 3rd July
Shadow Health Minister Norman Lamb MP with members Samantha Bradley and Mavis Law, our President Professor Hugh Pennington and Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley MP
Guests Carl Barnett, Paul Fairbrother, Nicola Mayers & Royal Marine Carl Millington
President, Professor Hugh Pennington talk with
Marion Ham & friends

Canon Robert Reiss and prayers at the service at Westminster Abbey
remembering those we have lost on 3rd July 2008

Hayleigh our youngest member lays the wreath for our former Vice-Chair Tom Snowball who sadly passed away this year, in attendance Shadow Health Minster Norman Lamb MP and Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley MP with John Almond.

Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley MP,
John Almond, Peter Gardner, Murray Devine and Richard Burton
The service and tribute can be viewed on the Memorials Page
Guests, sponsors and members attend the Reception where Derek Butler, Chair, our Patron Mrs Edwina Currie and President Professor Hugh Pennington give talks on what more needs to be done, and the need to continue to work together to reduce avoidable healthcare infections
An opportunity for discussion and questions
Members and sponsors join the discussion. In the back row Carl Barnett and Paul Fairbrother from Eastern Valley Chemicals, Paul Kelly Vice-Chair, Richard Burton from Disposable Curtains, Tina Fotherby, Rob Gros and Shelley Ross from PatientPak.  Centre, members Ron Stein, Marion Ham, Mavis Law, Julie Ansboro, Dale Law, Vice-Chair and John Galvin
After the discussion a chance to network.  Left: Edwina Currie, Maria Cann, Dale Law and
John Galvin.  On the right Shelley Ross, Professor Hugh Pennington and Rob Gros
Samantha Bradley and Wayne Millington             Edwina Currie with Carl Barnett