In memory of Paul Kelly


Paul Kelly, former Vice Chair of MRSA Action UK died suddenly and tragically in hospital on 17th April 2011, at the young age of 48.  This is an extract from Paul's page as written at the time of becoming Vice Chair of the Charity, and tells the story of his young daughter and unborn grandson Thomas.  We miss you Paul and our condolences go to Paul's family.


In memory of
Claire Louise Williamson

18th April 1981 - 27th June 2004

" life was shattered when my daughter Claire was involved in a Road Traffic Accident on 14th May 2004 in New York State.  At this time she was on her return journey from antenatal class en-route to Bedford Hills where she was living with her mum Carol.  The paramedics had to perform a c-section before they were able to free Claire from the vehicle. Unfortunately her baby boy was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.


During her stay in hospital Claire underwent surgery to her pelvis and thigh and we were told she should make a full recovery.


Claire was in White Plains Medical Centre for 7 weeks, and during this time her bodyweight reduced by 60%.  The hospital tried almost all known antibiotics available but eventually she lost her battle and passed away on 27th June 2004.  We are still waiting for an official answer as to where she contracted MRSA - the ambulance or the hospital.  Feeling numb and powerless, I decided I needed to know more and started researching MRSA and healthcare associated infections.


After several months research I attended the CBS 60 minutes show, regarding MRSA and the effects on lives and families.  My initial research led me to the MRSA Action UK, a newly registered charity and patient group who actively seek out answers to questions that, for some reason, hospitals and health authorities are reluctant to divulge to the general public.


As a new charity we are only just paddling in the shallow end of a very deep pool, but the more members we attract and the more information we gain, we are slowly but surely entering into this pool with the grit and determination that people show, when they have been affected by personal loss and strive to understand why and how, in the 21st century, healthcare associated infections can have such a devastating effect."


"I joined MRSA Action UK as a paying member and was honoured to be asked to be a Trustee, which I readily accepted.  I for one, feel that we have, and hopefully will continue to make a difference and help people whose lives have changed by this worldwide problem."



Paul pictured with Health Minister Anne Milton MP and Derek Butler