In loving memory


Patricia Tinman

1930 ~ 2008

 Miss You Mum

You never really know

How much you truly care

Until the day you turn around

And suddenly they aren't there


You were everything to me

My Mum and best friend

You know the memories we share

Will replay forever in my mind and never end


You know you will always be remembered

In everything that I do

You are forever part of me

I care so much about you


There are just some questions I have

The ones I know there is no answer to

Why did you have to pass like this?

Why did it have to be you?


This comes from both of us; it comes with loving thoughts,
of just how special you are and how much we miss you every day.
I know you are always around, we are glad of that.
I know you listen when I talk to you.


Rest peacefully Mum, until we meet again

Your daughter Gail & son-in-law Les

<3 Xxx

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