In loving memory


Patricia Tinman

1930 ~ 2008

 Special lady

How I'd love to touch your face,
and talk with you once more,
to hear your voice and see your smile,
watch you walk through the door.

What a joy it would be,
to have you hold me close,
and tell me that you love me,
that's what I miss the most.

God has made a place for you,
at His home in Heaven above,
but you are always in my heart,
and have my undivided love.

Oh Mum, how I love you,
miss you more and more each day,
please save a place up there for me,
I'll be with you again, reunited one day.

There is a path of precious memories from here to heaven above,
it keeps me very close to you, it's called the path of love.

Mum, just a little tribute,
small and tender,
just to show we still remember,
a place in our hearts no one can fill,
for we loved you so much and always will.

Love you forever, until we meet again

Your daughter Lynn and son-in-law Eric
<3 xxx


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