In loving memory


 Patricia Tinman

1930 ~ 2008

 Love you forever, forget you never

If we had our wishes granted and we could have just 5 minutes more with you,
here is what we'd say,
we miss and love you so much Nan,
and this pain just won't go away.

We miss all the chats we had,
where we'd put the world to rights,
we'd sit and talk for hours,
usually well into the night.

When we got the call that day,
our world stood still,
there's a place forever in our hearts for you Nan,
a place only you can fill.

You'll never see us marry the ones we love,
our children will never have the pleasure of their great-great Nan,
but we know you'll be watching from above.

We know one day we'll meet again,
we know where, but we don't know when,
but we know you're up there waiting for us,
your brightest star for all to see.

Now we must make you proud dear Nan,
this is just our way to say,
we were honored to have you in our lives,
and we will remember you each and every day.

Family ties are lasting bonds Nan,
That are woven in each heart,
To keep a family close in thought,
Together or apart.

Your everloving grandchildren

Adele & Daniel
<3 xxx


Audio Selection: Kool & The Gang - Cherish The Love


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