The patient & relative perspective on healthcare associated infections Newton Community Hospital


Newton Community Hospital houses a 30-bed in patient Intermediate Care Facility, and enables existing out patient services to be provided from a state of the art centre that also houses a GP clinic and other community services.  Community Hospitals help Acute Hospitals to focus on patients who require specialist secondary care and ease the pressure on Acute beds, clinics and emergency services.  Vigorous community support are all features of Community Hospitals, and these days patients are leaving the Acute setting with far more complex needs, making infection prevention and control an even more important feature of every day life. 


Derek presented "A Healthcare Infection, A Life-Time Legacy" and was able to show how contracting a healthcare infection impacts not only on the patient, their carers, family and friends, but also on the staff looking after them.


Derek was pleased to be able to meet the team at Newton Community Hospital, and the partnership will continue with the Charity being able to act as a resource for advice on patient involvement and empowerment in the future.



If you or someone you care about has been affected by a healthcare infection and you wish to discuss this with us, please contact us at