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In memory of
those we have lost

Would you like a memorial page for your loved ones?
Somewhere you can have a lasting memory,
 So that all the family can visit from time to time
Why not include a picture,
Or even a song selection

You can have a permanent memorial page on this site,
So you can visit and remember your
loved ones whenever you wish.

Send us your message of remembrance by email.


Click on the name you would like to view

Colin Law

Bob Newson 

Patricia Margaret Galvin

John Howard Crews

One wish for John & Marion

Marion's Tribute to John

Nellie McCafferty

Tom Snowball

Patricia Tinman

Gail's Tribute to Patricia

Adele & Daniel's Tribute to Nan 

Sammie Jane Fallon

Paul David Kelly

James (Jim) Arnott

Westminster Abbey 28th November 2005

Innocent Victims' Memorial 19th July 2007

Innocent Victims' Memorial 3rd July 2008

Innocent Victims' Memorial 9th July 2009

Innocent Victims' Memorial 8th July 2010

Innocent Victims' Memorial 7th July 2011

Innocent Victims' Memorial 28th June 2012

Innocent Victims' Memorial 13th June 2013


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