MRSA Action UK Memorial Event, Westminster Abbey, 8th July 2010 
As always our Memorial Event was a very moving occasion and the help and support of everyone made it a very special day to remember, it was a privilege to be able to meet friends, members and colleagues from around the UK and the USA.  The day began with the arrival of the London taxi-cab in the livery of MRSA Action UK.  This was a very generous donation from Asher Moses, the managing director of Taxi Media.  MRSA Action UK was there when needed and this was Asher's way of saying thank you.

Derek Butler, Chair is pictured with Trustee John Galvin greeting Barry the driver who had collected the flowers and donated wreath from Minka at Rosalie Owen's florist.  Arriving in the taxi behind was our guest speaker Eileen Henderson, Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust and Garth Sookermany from Bluestorm who are partners in Hull and East Yorkshire's Give Soap a Chance Campaign

The main wreath, in the shape of the charity's ribbon, was designed by Minka and is pictured on arrival in the taxi, our mission statement and contact details are also inside the taxi-cab so people can get in touch if they need us.  Taxi Media contribute to 73% of London taxi advertising and have fleets around the UK, so we were honoured to receive this gesture of thanks and to be able to have this powerful way of raising awareness of our campaign and where to get help if needed.  If you are in London keep an eye out for the MRSA Action UK taxi-cab!  Thank you Asher and Minka.

A beautiful wreath was also donated by the Secret Garden at Hugh Baird College in Liverpool, pictured top right, and features on our tribute page again this year.  Our heartfelt thanks go to Liz Crampton and her friends from the Secret Garden.

Barry drove past the gates of No.10 Downing Street with passengers Derek Butler, Maria Cann and Clive Duncan, Derek took on the role of photographer and popped out of the taxi at No.10 and Parliament Square.

Pictured with the MRSA Action UK liveried taxi are members and guests at the Memorial Event on 8th July 2010.  From left to right Sharon Law, Jeanine Thomas, Maria Cann, Wendy Slack, Mavis Law, Bill Love, Brian Long, Eileen Henderson, Sharon Long, Sue Tait, Jane Herbert, Joan Long and grandchildren Andrew and Becky, Pamela Howland, Dick Wallis, Coleen Martin, Garth Sookermany, Ogra Marufu, Karen Stark,  Professor Hugh Pennington, Dave Godson, Barry, Sue Fallon, Clive Duncan, Julie Ansboro, Jean O'Callaghan, Chief Executive Bedford Hospital NHS Trust, Tom Ansboro, Linda Knight, Juliet Magee, Jaie & James Schofield - The Debonair Trust, and Dale Law.

Andrew Large, Dave Godson, Prof Hugh Pennington, Derek Butler, John Galvin, Jeanine Thomas and Bill Love.

Derek Butler, Chair, and President Professor Hugh Pennington meet Jane Herbert in the foreground.  Behind Jeanine Thomas meets Bill Love, Destiny Pharma.  Centre Sharon Long and children Becky and Andrew. Trustees Susan Fallon and Clive Duncan are to the right.

The Reverend Jane Hedges, Canon of Westminster conducts the ceremony.

Professor Hugh Pennington and Vice Chair Dale Law lay the Charity's wreath in memory of all those who have died.

Maria Cann & John Galvin lay a tribute to Patricia, Maria's mum and John's wife.

Coleen Martin and Karl Law lay a tribute to Colin Law

Professor Pennington lays a tribute to John Howard Crews

Dick Wallis, Karen Stark and Murray Devine pay their respects

Linda Knight lays her tribute to her mum Joyce Morrison

Clive Duncan lays a tribute to Sammie Fallon aged just 17

Dave Godson lays a wreath from Unison

Sharon Law & Wendy Slack lay a tribute to all those lost from the Secret Garden, Liverpool

Juliet Magee lays a special tribute to all those lost

The Reverend Jane Hedges gives her blessing and everyone takes time to reflect.

After the ceremony guests made their way to Westminster Archive Centre for the Reception. Ogra Marafu from Kings College Hospital walks with Mavis, Karl, Helen and Wendy

Jeanine Thomas, Professor Hugh Pennington, Maria Cann and Derek Butler pictured with the MRSA Action UK taxi-cab before they leave for the Reception

Visit the tribute remembering those who have been lost, please allow time for the music to download

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