Reducing healthcare associated infections outside of hospital
  Thursday 2nd April 2009 Learning Workshop 1

Liverpool Primary Care Trust


The Government has recognised that whilst the NHS has achieved a 50 per cent reduction of MRSA nationally, not every organisation has achieved this yet; for those organisations this objective should remain their immediate goal. Those that have already done so must continue to reduce infection rates. Primary Care Trusts will agree stretching ambitions in contracts with provider organisations for reducing infection rates and improving cleanliness.  Strategic Health Authorities will ensure PCT plans are robust in this respect and must be satisfied that those plans demonstrate, collectively, reduced variation in performance.

Derek Butler attended the Improvement Foundation Workshop with around 30 Care Homes within the Liverpool Primary Care Trust area.  The Improvement Foundation event gave an opportunity for participants to consider the top three challenges that they would need to overcome to achieve a reduction in healthcare associated infections in their care setting.  The time spent at the workshops would enable staff to think about their own setting and use the Plan, Do, Study, Act framework to develop and implement solutions to the challenges they were facing.

Derek's presentation touched on the responsiblity that healthcare workers have on not only those who are treated in their care, but also the duty of care that they have to the families of those they are caring for, this was aligned to the Improvement Foundation's principle of developing a culture of people and carer involvement.

Also presenting at the event was Dr Bharat Patel from the Health Protection Agency, for information on infection prevention and control in care homes including guidance from the Health Protection Agency visit our Guidelines for Carehomes in England & Wales pages.

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