Infection control study day 

Thursday 22nd April 2010
Kings College Hospital, London
Derek Butler presented 'A Healthcare Infection - A Lifetime Legacy' to staff following an invitation to participate in this important event from Kings College Hospital, London.  Derek's presentation demonstrated the effects that many of our members had suffered as a consequence of contracting largely avoidable healthcare infections during treatment or through bereavement, and helped set the scene for the Infection Control Study Day.


The attendance at the presentation included 100 infection control nurses, link nurses and managers.  The presentation followed the path of what had happened to many people who had contracted a healthcare infection and the effects that this had had on their friends and family and demonstrated these healthcare associated infections were not isolated incidents.  Derek showed how, when the staff get infection prevention and control right, the positive effects this has on patients and relatives.  It does not take much to make a huge difference.  Derek showed that the battle against healthcare infections needs the efforts of everyone to play their part, it is not just about the NHS staff, although they play the pivotal role, it is about engaging patients, visitors and friends too.  It is about educating those people and advising them on how they can help.


Derek was asked questions after the presentation, one of those being 'What single policy could help the hospital improve infection control, and what advice could he give to those present to do this?'  Derek gave a very simple answer, and that was 'treat every patient as if they were one of your family members'.  


Following the presentation the staff invited Derek and the Charity back for further events and have expressed the wish to be involved with World MRSA Day on October 2nd this year.  We are pleased that Kings College Hospital will be recognising this signficant day, and look forward to working with other organisations to promote events, not only throughout October, but to remember to include infection prevention and awareness in everything we do.

If you or someone you care about has been affected by a healthcare infection and you wish to discuss this with us, please contact us at