Tackling healthcare associated infections outside of hospital
28th January 2009

MRSA Action UK held two breakout sessions at the final workshop with
staff from Care Homes in the North Tees area, covering Integrated Care Pathways, work will continue with the Improvement Foundation using a multi agency approach in tackling healthcare associated infections by bringing together the NHS, the Independent Sector and Local Authorities.


Integrated Care Pathways - A Whole Healthcare Focus for Patients and Carers

MRSA Action UK's presentation demonstrates how communication is key in working to reduce infections and saving lives, and how care pathways are an essential tool in communicating information that is required for patients' safety and ongoing care. The presentation also considers NICE guidance on reducing surgical site infection, and features the Lincolnshire Care Pathways Partnership Integrated Care Pathway, and pictorial guide for patients. A form is also available for patients or residents who transfer between healthcare providers to pass on important information about their infection status and can be downloaded here


The presentation is aligned to Change Principle 1, Adopt a multiagency approach to ensure effective co-ordination of nursing and personal care to prevent and control healthcare associated infections



Other presentations included:


Healthcare Associated Infections: What is Realistic?

Practical Management of Healthcare Associated Infections

Dr Bharat Patel, Consultant Medical Microbiologist,

Health Protection Agency, London


The Legal Cost of Getting Infection Prevention and Control Wrong

Phil Barnes, Associate, Clinical Negligence and

Personal Injury Department, Anthony Collins Solicitors,


Understanding the New Regulation About Infection Prevention and Control Within Care Homes

Ginny Storey, Head of Quality and Health Policy,

Commission for Social Care Inspection


How important is a safe and clean environment, does this affect you?

Pauline Nunn, Infection Prevention and Control Nurse

Adrian Dracup, Infection Prevention and Control Lead

Newcastle and North Tyneside PCT


Gathering and Using Evidence & Data to Demonstrate Improvements within your Care Home

Carolyn Leslie, Programme Support Manager Healthcare Associated Infections, The Improvement Foundation


Other useful resources

An introduction to infection control in care homes from the Health Protection Agency, provides links to a series of seven short films. These are designed to provide staff with an introduction to infection control.  The web page also contains links to other resources and useful websites.

If you or someone you care about has been affected by a healthcare infection and you wish to discuss this with us, please contact us at info@mrsaactionuk.net
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