HEAL awards 2010 held at the Royal College of Surgeons 

Bedford Hospital wins CLEANEST HOSPITAL Award


The Heal awards (Healthcare, Excellence, and Leadership), hosted by 24/7 Media Group, was a night dedicated to thanking the NHS.  Attended by over 250 healthcare professionals from across the country, as well as distinguished celebrities Barbara Windsor, Esther Rantzen, and Moira Stuart, the awards ceremony successfully managed to give due gratitude to the National Health Service which is fighting to retain its stature despite the spending cuts which are currently sweeping the nation.

The evening began with an introduction to Barbara Windsor.  Derek Butler, Maria Cann and Manish Patel are pictured before the award ceremony. 


Keynote speaker Roy Lilley, founding member of the NHS Trust Federation and distinguished writer, broadcaster, and commentator on health and social issues opened the event.



The first award was presented by television anchor Moira Stuart who commended the NHS on everything they do, Moira presented The Innovation of the Year award to Kings College London for their breakthrough with creating an MRI test for autism.  Dr Christine Ecker, the lecturer at the university who received the award, said: "I feel super.  We never expected to win because with psychiatry, you're working on something you can't touch or can't measure very well, so for us to win it's so nice."


The Pioneering in Health award, was also won by Kings College Hospital.


The Best Patient Experience Award, was won by Poole Hospital, Much loved actress Barbara Windsor commented on the dedicated workers who go beyond the call of duty in the name of National Health. "Everyone used to come up to me and say "wow, you work so hard", she said, "but really it's the people in A & E who are up all Saturday night that really work hard, and that's why we love you".

Most Improved Hospital, was won by Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals, and Cleanest Hospital, was won by Bedford Hospital,

Derek Butler Chair of MRSA Action UK was delighted to present the award he said "In spite of losing three family members to MRSA I'm often asked the question - do I still believe in the NHS?"  the answer in a word is "yes" "the founding principle of the NHS is being rich gives no advantage to medical care and being poor takes away the disadvantage of receiving medical care, this principle must always remain, this is what separates the NHS from all other healthcare systems, and makes it the great institution that it is, the staff who have shown dedication and leadership in the care they give deserve the recognition and these awards"



Director of Nursing and Patient Services, Eiri Jones accepts the award for Bedford Hospital 

        Juliet, Sara-Jane, Eiri and Jane, proud winners with Derek and Maria

Greenest Hospital was won by Newham University Hospital, Top Performing Hospital was won by East Kent Hospitals University by Esther Rantzen.   Childline founder and television presenter Esther Rantzen relayed her own personal story. "Like many others here, I also have strong family connections with the NHS", she began. "When my late husband had a heart attack, the NHS gave him a very precious 15 years, which we are all extremely grateful for."

She also mentioned her "brief political stint at Luton", in which she "visited the hospital, and saw a premature baby being looked after by a nurse who had been premature herself", pointing to the impressive continuity of the NHS.


After a brief interval, Managing Director of 24/7 Media Group, Nadia Sclare took to the stage. "I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for supporting these awards so generously", she said. "It's a perfect example of how private and public can work together."

She also said that "despite the upheaval" of all the changes the NHS has had to endure since it's inception in 1948, it still delivers the best healthcare, and that's because of you. "It's always easy to point out inadequacies, but what we hear less about is the dedication, and general consideration of the NHS. No-one wants to hear about those who work behind the scenes, but actually this is the real face of the NHS, the hard working wonderful people who take care of us every single day. The HEAL Awards has absolutely nothing to do with politics, rather, it's just about people saying thank you. You really are truly appreciated, probably much more than you know. You have no idea just how much we value you."

Phil York from Renault UK, sponsors of the final award for Healthcare Heroes gave his own tribute, before announcing the winners. "Everybody at Renault UK is truly proud of our association with the NHS", he said, "and we also have great admiration for the dedication and commitment." He also put particular emphasis on "the effort the NHS has made to reduce impact on the environment, in particular to reduce Co2 emissions."

University Hospital Lewisham midwife, Kathleen Johnson, and Specialist Infection Prevention and Control Nurse at West Middlesex University Hospital, Janice Scott, were the runners-up, and each won a 12-day cruise courtesy of Fred Olsen.

Yunus Dudhwala, Head of Chaplaincy and Bereavement Services at Newham University Hospital scooped the Healthcare Hero Award, and drove away in a brand new Renault Megane worth 20,000 pounds. He gave an almost tearful gratitude to both friends and family, as well as thanking 24/7 Media Group and NHS online.

"I feel extremely humbled", he later said. Amazing, amazing feeling. So many people who work in the NHS do a fantastic job and it's fantastic for them to be recognised."

Janice Scott was also overwhelmed. "It's amazing", she said. "I can't believe it really-it's still a shock. I really enjoy my job and wouldn't change it for the world."  Her 14-year old daughter, Lasian, who will also enjoy the cruise, was evidently as delighted. "I'm so proud of my mum-she works so hard". "She's always so stressed so it will be a nice break for her."

Awards Host, Georgina Burnett pictured with Derek, announced a surprise treat for all 20 Healthcare Hero finalists, in the form of a luxury weekend break for two, before summing up, "you're all winners and heroes in our eyes."


If you or someone you care about has been affected by a healthcare infection and you wish to discuss this with us, please contact us at info@mrsaactionuk.net