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House of Commons dinner and debate
November 28th 2011
Hosted by David Burrowes MP

This event was  a platform for patient organisations and charities to discuss common areas of interest with public policy makers.
For us, the focus was on:
- good quality information for the public on how to recognise healthcare associated infections
- how to help patients understand the risks of acquisition and how to mitigate them
- improved screening and diagnostics
- the development of antibiotics, and the challenges faced
- well resourced and trained healthcare staff
- better regulation

"Patient Involvement and Empowerment in Healthcare"
Seminar chaired by Baroness Cumberlege
The House of Lords, November 24th 2011

The Government proposes a shift in power that puts patients and their carers in charge of making decisions about their health and wellbeing, giving them more information, choice and control over how their care is delivered and strengthens the voice of the public in health and social care. 
The seminar considered the various opportunities for individuals and third-sector organisations to become more involved and empowered in health and social care. 

This was an opportunity to review policies and the principles of shared decision-making, and consider various opportunities to engage in NICE processes and initiatives to encourage greater public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research. The meeting  enabled a range of third sector organisations to share their activities and successes in achieving greater engagement and empowerment

Patient Safety 2011
Better Care, Better Treatment
Thursday 10th November 2011, Church House Conference Centre, London
Patient Safety 2011 provided an opportunity for healthcare workers, policy makers and, importantly, patients to bring the challenge of making patient safety the top priority for everyone.More about the day and challenges that MRSA Action UK Chair, Derek Butler brought to the table ...

MRSA Action UK attended the launch of
Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust's Hand Hygiene Week
October 17th 2011


Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM):
Patient Partnership for Quality Care Seminar, October 12th 2011

The Royal Society of Medicine, London

Chaired by Lord Toby Harris

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust
12th October, 2011
Derek Butler, gave the patient and carer perspective at the Trust's Infection Prevention and Control Study Day with 100 delegates from across the Trust.

The event was well attended and other guest speakers included Julie Storr, Vice President of the Infection Prevention Society

Following his successful run in May, Daniel Lloyd ran the Mersey Tunnel 10k on June 12th  in memory of his nan Patricia.  Daniel says "thank you to everyone who has sponsored me, I completed the Liverpool Half Marathon in 2 hours!" 
Daniel trained hard for the Liverpool Marathon (24.2miles) on Sunday 9th October 2011.  During his training Danny was injured and was unable to run in the race, thank you Danny for your magnificant effort, we know how hard you trained and your nan would be so very proud of you, as we all are. We hope you will be better soon.  Thank you to everyone for your donations, support and messages of encouragement.  It means a lot to Danny and to his friends and family.
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Reading Campus, Thursday 6th October
Derek Butler and Maria Cann, MRSA Action UK, presented to student nurses at the University of West London on their Infection Control Study Day.  "Healthcare Infections the Challenge Ahead" was an opportunity to share and learn from the patient experience.

Infection Prevention 2011
19-21 September 2011
Bournemouth International Centre

MRSA Action UK attended the Infection Prevention Society Conference in Bournemouth, courtesy of Molnlycke Healthcare, it was an opportunity to meet colleagues from across healthcare, bringing the patient perspective into the conference.  Communicating with patients and carers if they have to deal with a healthcare associated infection, was one of many themes discussed with the many colleagues that we met. More...

British Science Festival, University of Bradford
15th September 2011
As part of the British Science Festival in September the Bradford Infection Group hosted events on healthcare associated infection issues.  involve a MRSA Action UK attended an interactive talk and debate:
followed by an interactive lab exhibition.  The event was sponsored by SURF and was well attended by students, the public and colleagues working in microbiology.  More....
Saturday 20th August
Walk in Macclesfield Forest in memory of Paul Kelly



Angie Kelly complete's her walk in Macclesfield Forest with friends and family in memory of her brother Paul, more......... 
To support Angie visit her Just Giving page:
In memory of Paul

Hyndburn Homes, Accrington, Lancashire

3rd August, 2011
MRSA Action UK visited Hyndburn Homes offices in Lancashire and provided an overview of best practice in Infection Prevention and Control, giving a service user perspective with 16 Sheltered Housing Scheme Managers.

Scheme Managers play an important role in helping to ensure residents' health well being and coordinating support services for more vulnerable residents, liaising with family, carers and support services in health and social care.  MRSA Action UK highlighted the key challenges in infection prevention and control and the importance of linking with the District Nursing teams, PCT and Hospital Trusts.  The team welcomed the information and case studies and were encouraged to call on the charity and colleagues in healthcare if further support was needed.  Being able to discuss healthcare associated infections and the precautions that can be taken to reduce the risks of transmission was a key feature in the session, as was the importance of sharing information between carers in the treatment of MRSA and C.diff.
Edwina Currie visits Westinghouse at Springfields, Preston 
18th July 2011

Former Health Minister Edwina Currie, and patron of MRSA Action UK met staff at Springfields Nuclear Fuels on the 18th July 2011.   It was an opportunity to recognise Westinghouse's commitment to Derek Butler in giving him time to fulfil his voluntary role as Chairman of MRSA Action UK.  More.....
Visit to Blackpool Victoria Hospital to hear
about home IV antibiotic therapy

On Wednesday 13th July Derek Butler and Maria Cann visited Blackpool Victoria Hospital to hear about home antibiotic therapy delivered intravenously.  Dr Achyut Guleri invited us to hear about the work in the region on continuing treatment at home where patients were well enough to leave hospital, when the only thing stopping them was the need to continue IV antibiotic therapy.  More.....

MRSA Action UK Annual Memorial Event - Westminster Abbey, July 7th 2011
Members and friends of MRSA Action UK gathered together to remember all those who had suffered and been lost to healthcare associated infections.  Guests included Julie Storr, Vice President of the Infection Prevention Society and the lead on the Cleanyourhands campaign.
Families laid tributes at the Innocent Victims stone where a service and blessing took place. As always it was a very moving occasion and an opportunity for everyone to share a special time to remember those they love.  More.....

Anglia Ruskin University Infection Prevention Seminars - The Patient Perspective, Derek Butler MRSA Action UK, June 2011

Derek Butler is pictured at the Chelmsford campus for one of three infection prevention seminars at Anglia Ruskin University.  On the 24th June we visited Fulbourn, and the 27th June Peterborough, the seminar in Chelmsford on the 29th June was also an opportunity to link with Melanie Bird (centre).   Following the sessions telling the patient and relative perspective on the aftermath of acquiring a healthcare associated infection, we were invited to give our views and input in relation to the new curriculum and the Essential Cluster Skills in relation to infection control that are being developed.  There will also be future seminars and we are looking forward to playing an active role in their development.

Edwina Currie was guest speaker on the panel at Maintaining Patient Safety: Breaking the Cycle of Infection, more....

 The Big Lunch - an Eden Project
MRSA Action UK and Staphon join in The Big Lunch at Grange Park Community Garden, Blackpool on Sunday June 5th 2011, and
The Cherwell Centre on 8th June 2011

Royal College of Nursing of the United Kingdom
The 2011 International Nursing Research Conference
16 May 2011, Harrogate International Centre, Harrogate

The National Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI) Research Network's Service User Research Forum (SURF) was created to facilitate and promote public involvement in HCAI research.  This field of enquiry is traditionally the preserve of microbiologists but increasingly focuses on issues related to nursing interventions and healthcare worker behaviour.  Our experience is that lay involvement in this field is a challenge as many professionals perceive it to be both contentious and beyond the understanding of the lay public.  SURF exists to overcome this perception and promote collaborative research with the public, academics and practitioners working in partnership.

Our session aimed to assist nurse researchers wanting to increase public involvement in their research.  Our presentation related the experience of developing a lay identified research priority "Patient's experiences of MRSA screening" into a collaborative bid for NIHR Research for Patient Benefit funding. The session was jointly presented by SURF member and MRSA Action UK representative Maria Cann and the SURF coordinator Andrea Whitfield.  Practical examples of working with group members throughout the bid process were discussed, including: developing and agreeing a feasible research question; choosing an appropriate funding stream; identifying and working with an NHS partner; identifying suitable research roles for the lay members of the research team and providing the necessary research training and support.  More...
ASP National HCAI Educational Symposium
Taming the Environment:
Novel Approaches to Reduce Healthcare Associated Infections
Wednesday 11th May 2011
Summary of symposium
5th May - Clean Hands Save Lives
World Health Organisation Annual Hand Hygiene Day
Patient and healthcare workers form an alliance for hand hygiene at the Royal College of Nursing, London

On the 5th May MRSA Action UK met with colleagues from across healthcare at the Royal College of Nursing where we formed a patient and healthcare worker alliance focussing on hand hygiene and the next steps to keep the focus and build on the success of the cleanyourhands campaign.  Work will take place in two strands, the main theme being in health and social care.  A sub-group will look at the wider community and hand hygiene, Derek Butler will be working with Karen Shaw and Barry Cookson on the wider community, including education and schools. Maria Cann will be focussing on the health and social care main group. More...

Unison Annual Health Conference, 4th - 6th April 2011
The BT Convention Centre, Liverpool

MRSA Action UK attended Unison's Annual Health Conference at the BT Convention Centre in Liverpool, more....

Sunday 27th March 2011
Daniel completes the Liverpool Half Marathon in memory of his Nana

Proud mum and dad, Lynn and Eric, and sister Adele are pictured with Dan after the race


Daniel Lloyd ran the Liverpool Half Marathon in memory of his Nan Patricia who tragically died after contracting MRSA during dental treatment. 

Dan's Nan, Patricia

Dan is pictured after the race with family and friends.  Dan performed so well he now wants to complete the Liverpool Mersey 10k Tunnel run.  Dan has set himself a challenge, he says "if I beat my time last year of 49 minutes then I will personally donate 50  pounds to MRSA Action UK".


Dan says "I can't thank everyone enough for the donations and support, it's very much appreciated."


We would like to thank you Dan, we know your Nan would be so proud of you.

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22nd March 2011
Healthcare associated infections - Service Users' Research Forum, Baker Street, London

Maria Cann attended the research forum in London last month following on from the tele-conferencing that took place to consider input into research proposals.  Feedback was received on the Research for Patient Benefit bid which we had contributed to.  Although this particular bid was unsuccessful work on MRSA screening and the patient experience would be considered further.  NHS Scotland had conducted some research into the patient experience which covered areas that we had raised as an issue regarding patients' capability to carry out the pre-operative measures necessary if they had tested positive.  More work on this valuable piece of research is going forward.


University College London Hospitals NHS Trust (UCLH) were identifying effective cleaning methods on high touch areas in differing environments and would be involving patients in the proposed trials, work on the advisory panel on designing materials to encourage both patient and staff participation are areas that we can help with. 


Another area of SURF led research considered the inclusion of healthcare associated infections and infection prevention in the curricula and education of health professionals.  There was a lot of evidence to suggest that training and continuing professional development incorporated infection prevention when working in healthcare.  There was also evidence that the Royal Colleges and professional bodies incorporated infection prevention into training for clinicians. The five key moments of hand hygiene was considered by the group to be a fundamental need for any patient contact, but some professionals may not consider proficiency in this area a necessity if they were a radiographer for example. 

Visit to Barts and the London NHS Trust

8th March 2011


Derek Butler and Maria Cann attended the Royal London Hospital on March 8th to contribute to the Infection Control Link Nurses study day.  It was an opportunity to give a perspective on MRSA and the Patient Experience, which was well received by the link nurses.  The refresher training was thorough and covered the hospital trust's procedures for screening patients and taking appropriate measures to keep MRSA from causing any avoidable infections.  The shared learning was then tested on the wards, with participants carrying out an audit of every ward on each site in the afternoon.


Delivering the keynote address Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of the NHS, referenced Sir Liam Donaldson's report An Organisation with a Memory. He spoke about two key issues identified in the report, starting with a culture that inhibited reporting: "I invite you to think about how many of you can say that in your organisations, if somebody reports an incident, that within 24 hours they get an acknowledgment, a thank you, and a reassurance that something will be done about it?".  MRSA Action UK's presentation was well received and delivered in two breakout sessions of an hour in length reaching the audience of 500 delegates who were moved by the stories of our members' experiences, more....
Infection Matters 2010 Symposium
Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Friday 26th November 2010

Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust's annual symposium, targeted at infection prevention, has attracted some very influential national speakers.  This year Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust raised the profile to a regional audience and MRSA Action UK shared the patient and relative perspective.  Derek Butler presented "A Healthcare Infection - A Lifetime Legacy" touching on how avoidable infections such as MRSA ripple through families and friends of those affected, and staff too.  Other speakers included Gavin Barlow, Consultant Physician & Hon. Clinical Senior Lecturer, at Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.   More....

NHS Online HEAL Awards
Recognising and rewarding healthcare excellence and leadership
The Royal College of Surgeons, London
25th October 2010

Welcome to the HEAL awards 2010

NHS ONLINE are pleased to announce the launch of the HEAL Awards 2010. Recognising and rewarding Healthcare Excellence and Leadership, the awards acknowledge and highlight the hard work and dedication invested in the NHS to ensure a consistently high standard of care.

Awards were presented for The Cleanest and Greenest Hospitals, Medical Innovation of the Year, The Best Patient Experience and Most Improving hospitals.

Guests included Barbara Windsor, Moira Stuart, Roy Lilley and Esther Rantzen.   More....


Bedford Hospital NHS Trust Patient Safety Open Day
16th October 2010

Linking in with MRSA Awareness Month and Global Handwashing Day, staff at Bedford Hospital held it's Patient Safety Open Day on Saturday 16th October.   More.....


Heart of England Foundation Trust
Infection Prevention & Control Study Day
15th October 2010

The Heart of England Foundation Trust is working hard to reduce their healthcare associated infections and to that end the Infection Prevention and Control Team held their study day for healthcare professionals in the Trust. Edwina Currie presented to 150 healthcare professionals.  Mandy Reynolds Infection Prevention and Control nurse at Heart of England Foundation Trust said "I feel that all healthcare professionals should hear the patients' perspective and Edwina puts it across perfectly"

World MRSA Day, raising awareness and looking beyond 50 years since the discovery of MRSA

October 2nd is World MRSA Day.  Here in the UK Kings College Hospital held an awareness day on Friday 1st October 2010.  The day was well under way when Derek Butler and Maria Cann arrived to kick-off things here in the UK.  They were invited to give the patient and relative perspective remembering those who have suffered, and to remind everyone of the significance of this important day, there were stands at the hospital for patients and the public to visit and ask questions.  There will be awareness raising events throughout October and MRSA Action UK will also be visiting other NHS Hospital Trusts giving patient and relative case studies during infection prevention and control training events with staff and meeting the public.  More....

Infection Control: working together to fight infection
6th October 2010

Featuring several key case studies from across the health and social care sector, providing delegates with practical advice on processes, techniques and technologies that have been effective, Infection Control: working together to fight infection gave delegates the opportunity to hear about the need for the application of standards in infection control across all care settings, and the continued need for innovative technology in fighting infection.  Delegates heard from Juliet Magee, Infection Control lead at Bedford Hospital on the way staff have developed a culture of zero tolerance to avoidable infections from Board to Ward, more....

Edwina Currie Patron of MRSA Action UK spoke at the East & North Herts Annual Infection Prevention & Control Study Day, on Tuesday 5 October, at Graveley, Stevenage  more....

London, October 5th 2010

Maria Cann is a core member of the service user research forum and a representative of MRSA Action UK.  If anyone is interested in becoming involved in the research forum there are vacancies.  The group meets around twice annually and communicates on research proposals on a regular basis.  There are opportunities to review research proposals and to be involved in patient led research relating to prevention and raising awareness of healthcare associated infections. 

The event on the 5th October focused on:

The INVOLVE conference and developing a poster to advertise and highlight to work of the forum;   Innovation in medical devices and designing out infection, presented by Jennie Wilson, Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Imperial College Healthcare NHS, and Planning and conducting one to one interviews with Dr Peter Harper from Thames Valley University.  More...

Derek Butler presented
A Healthcare Infection - A Lifetime Legacy to Sherborne over-fifties club
Annual General Meeting

27th September 2010

Reducing HCAIs 2010
GovToday Conference, 8th September 2010
More about the event....
MRSA Action UK Memorial Event
Westminster Abbey
8th July 2010

As always our Memorial Event was a very moving occasion and the help and support of everyone made it a very special day to remember, it was a privilege to be able to meet friends, members and colleagues from around the UK
and the USA.  Click here to read more..... 
Tuesday 29th June 2010
MRSA Action UK presented
A Healthcare Infection - A Lifetime Legacy at

Warrington PCT's Infection Control Study Day, more....
Prevention and control of infections in care homes conference
London, 22 June 2010

The Health & Social Care Act 2008 requires all providers of adult social care and independent healthcare to register against the same framework and focuses on cleanliness and infection prevention and control requirements.  There is an urgent need to ensure that good infection control practice is consistently but proportionately applied in all sectors so that the numbers of infections can be reduced and benefit service users.  Improving the prevention and control of healthcare acquired infections is a national priority and ensuring the quality of existing services is no exception.  Coinciding with the release of the new Code of Practice and related guidance, the one day conference has been developed to provide delegates with firsthand knowledge on critical topics including what the Code demands from care homes, the legal risks, the extent and costs of healthcare associated infections, among many others.  

Guest Speaker Edwina Currie attended the conference with providers, commissioners and regulators, presenting the risk factors involved, and the spread and decontamination of infections in care homes.  See the brochure for more details.

Reducing HCAIs 2010 - A Health Economy Approach to Quality Care
Tuesday 16th June 2010, Church House Conference Centre, London
Edwina Currie, Patron MRSA Action UK, presented the patient perspective and looked at the picture across the regions,  more.....
Healthcare Associated Infections and the Patient Pathway
High impact practical solutions
Wellcome Trust
Friday 21st May 2010

The aim of this conference was to engage a wide range of stakeholders and researchers from different disciplines in identifying basic gaps at all levels of the patient pathway, and to accelerate patient outcomes by providing high-impact practical solutions that will be achievable within a five year time frame.  MRSA Action UK were able to bring the patient perspective to the discussions and workshops hosted by the Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council, Department of Health and Health Protection Agency.  Derek Butler, Chair, brought some scenarios from private industry including his own Nuclear industry, where tracking systems and diagnostics play an important role in regulating hazardous substances, some of which can be applied to the pathogens and the problems that antimicrobial resistance are causing in the healthcare profession, more....

Healthcare associated infections - service user research forum

London, May 4th 2010


Maria Cann is a core member of the service user research forum and a representative of MRSA Action UK.  If anyone is interested in becoming involved in the research forum there are vacancies.  The group meets around twice annually and communicates on research proposals on a regular basis.  There are opportunities to review research proposals and to be involved in patient led research relating to prevention and raising awareness of healthcare associated infections more ........


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