Energise for excellence in care 
The "Energise for Excellence in Care" day took place on 30th March 2010 and was attended by over 120 delegates. Throughout the day delegates worked in facilitated groups to outline their thoughts around a series of clinical questions.

The aim of the day was for participants, with their peers, to identify the contribution they make, as nurses, to the delivery of high quality patient care and to explore how this care can be measured.  Derek Butler was invited to give a patient view on what makes a good nurse.

Delegates heard speakers say that the pressure now and in the future would be to give quality of care in an environment of ever reducing funding, and that the prosperous years when NHS funding increased in real terms would end by April 2011.  All the speakers emphasised that new and innovative ways of delivering quality care had to be found.

A quote that captured everyone's attention was "nurses should never sell their souls in compromise of patient safety".  In the presentations that followed reference was made to the Francis Report on the events surrounding Mid Staffs Hospital and there were still pockets of concern around the country.  There was much debate on the codes of practice surrounding nursing care and the standards that should be given.  Derek was asked for his thoughts on the codes and standards, Derek said that having all the codes and standards is all well and good, but there is one simple code and standard that nurses should work to, to ensure quality of care for their patients and that is "if you think of patients as being a member of your own family, and to care for them as if they were you own, there would be little need for codes or standards to be set down".  Derek asked delegates to remember that the patients they were treating had loved ones and families who would just ask that their loved ones be given the best possible care.  The comments were welcomed and widely accepted by an attentive audience.


Programme: Energise for Excellence Event  (60.7 KB)


Presentation given by Derek Butler, Chair of MRSA Action UK  (772 KB)


Breaking Down Barriers, Driving Up Standards: The role of the Ward Sister, Charge Nurse and Team Leader, Presentation by Ann Jackson, RCN Learning and Development Facilitator  (300 KB)


Nursing Metrics, The Chesterfield Experience

Presentation given by Principal Matron, Nichola Lawrence  (705 KB)


Driving-up Quality Of Nursing Care

Suzanne Hinchliffe CBE Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nurse, University Hospitals of Leicester  (822 KB)


RCN Nursing Practice Standards

Presentation given by Dr Kim Manley CBE, Manager for Resources Learning and Improving, Lead for Quality Standards, Learning & Development Institute  (413 KB)


Improving health & healthcare through Quality, Innovation, Productivity & Prevention (QIPP)

Dr Helen Moss Associate Director of Nursing, NHS East Midlands  (1.46 MB)

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