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We are always looking for people interested in protecting and preventing infections such as MRSA and C.diff to join us and if you can offer skills and time this is always welcomed.

Our corporate supporters assist in many ways which includes giving time and help with costs of attending events, printing and publishing and other administrative expenses. We wish to thank these organisations for all their help and time by giving their continuing support in helping us to continue our work in partnership with patients, their representatives, and those who give healthcare in raising the profile of healthcare associated infections, so that we can all play a part in maintaining safer standards.

If you would like to talk about Corporate Sponsorship then please contact Derek Butler at

The descriptions of products listed below are those of the manufacturers and do not represent the views of MRSA Action UK, we do not give any endorsement to any of the products listed here.

Any articles on MRSA Action UK's website are for general information purposes. If you think you may have an infection or are unwell then please seek immediate medical advice.


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CareFusion is a global corporation serving the healthcare industry with products and services that help hospitals measurably improve patient care. Focused on reducing medication errors and hospital-acquired infections, CareFusion's family of products includes ChloraPrepR patient preoperative skin preparation.

ChloraPrep reduces microorganisms on patients' skin prior to medical and surgical procedures. This one-step antiseptic system lowers the risk of dangerous bloodstream and surgical site infections. The efficacy and safety of ChloraPrep are supported by more than 35 clinical studies and recommendations by 17 internationally recognized organizations or guidelines, including 10 that specifically recommend 2% chlorhexidine gluconate - a key ingredient in ChloraPrep. For more information visit and

CareFusion help us make our website accessible by kindly sponsoring our text reader BrowseAloud. This helps people who come here for information who may have sight impairment, language or reading difficulties.

Molnlycke Healthcare

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HiBiSCRUB is a hospital-strength, antiseptic which you can use before going into hospital. It has been used in hospitals for over 40 years, and is a safe but antibacterial agent that is effective against bacteria for up to six hours after use. By simply washing or bathing with HiBiSCRUB, you can substantially reduce the number of potentially harmful bacteria on your skin before you go into hospital.

Molnlycke Healthcare sponsor our attendance at Infection Prevention Society conferences providing opportunities for networking with colleagues in Infection Prevention and Control and training and development opportunities for our delegates that attend. This helps us keep up-to-date with the very latest developments in Infection Prevention and Control with experts from the UK and around the world.


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Knowlex, shorthand for 'Knowledge Exchange', is a new organisation that has been set up with the ambition of disseminating information on research and innovative practice to help healthcare professionals in their working lives. The NHS is at a crossroads, with unprecedented constraint on resources and seemingly continual growth in demand. Our objective is to help all organisations involved in health – acute trusts, CCGs, and local authorities – to become more efficient and effective in delivering better outcomes for the public.

Knowlex is supporting MRSA Action UK by offering stand space at their conferences and free delegate places to share in knowledge and learning.

mrsa action uk taxi

Taxi Media supported MRSA Action UK by kitting out a London Taxi Cab in the Charity's livery to help promote our work. Our thanks go to Asher Moses for this generous gesture.


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