Global Handwashing Day October 5th 2012
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Blackpool children rise to the challenge on Global Handwashing Day October 15th 2012

The children at the Cherwell Centre, Grange Park Blackpool celebrated Global Handwashing Day by taking part in e-bug's training on the significance of good hand hygiene in keeping us well.

The training materials used for the handwashing event were developed by the Health Protection Agency and were used by hundreds of children around the UK in the Guinness Book of Records Hand Hygiene challenge.

The children at the Cherwell Centre are always keen to learn and Maureen Horn, Cherwell Centre Manager, has championed hand hygiene, together with learning life skills, healthy eating with the children on Grange Park for a number of years.

It is always a pleasure to join Maureen to help promote this important skill, which is very easy to learn. The children sang happy birthday twice, which is a good guide way to time how long it takes to wash hands properly, whilst Maria Cann demonstrated the 6 steps of hand washing. Derek Butler led the lesson on good respiratory hygiene showing what happens when we sneeze and how important it is to use a tissue and wash our hands.

With the start of the flu season this was a timely reminder to learn about respiratory hygiene, which helps with staying healthy and cutting absenteeism from illnesses such as colds, viral infections and tummy bugs.

View the event on The Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap website.

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