Staphon visits the Cherwell Centre,  8th June 2011

Children who attend the Cherwell Centre, Grange Park, Blackpool were joined again by Staphon the bug to hear more about bacteria, and how to stay healthy with a good balanced diet and good hygiene.


Maureen Horn, Grange Park Residents Association, told the children how their enthusiasm and interest in growing their own food had impressed Derek Butler and Maria Cann, and when they heard about the theme of healthy eating and the work of the community with the Eden Project, they wanted to help and make The Big Lunch a memorable day.  Staphon the superbug did make it a day to remember for the children and was invited back to the Cherwell Centre to meet more friends.


Staphon belongs to sponsors Molnlycke Healthcare and was shipped from Belgium especially for The Big Lunch and to help raise awareness of the importance of hand hygiene.


Soaps and activities from Hull and East Yorkshire's Give Soap a Chance campaign were donated, and children took part in learning how to wash hands effectively using light boxes.  Information on microbes from the Health Protection Agency e-bug campaign were used and distributed for the children.

 Washing hands for at least a minute using the six steps of hand washing presents the best opportunity to remove any harmful bacteria.

 Maureen has instilled the importance of good hand hygiene through her work with the children at The Cherwell Centre and in the Community Garden, planting and growing fruit and vegetables, with the focus on health and well-being.

 The children learn about healthy eating and how this helps to keep them fit and well.  They were keen to join in and share their learning with Derek and Maria.  The Community Garden and the Eden Project is something that residents in Blackpool can be a part of, children come from Queens Park to join in the activities too.  The Solardome is used to propagate plants and these can be grown in residents gardens or allotments with help and advice from Maureen and her colleagues.


Peter Collins, Postmaster on Grange Park met Staphon and Derek and Maria, Peter spoke of the North of England Educational Conference and how this work can link in. The event is the UK's biggest annual education conference and provides an opportunity for senior decision makers in education, Children's Services, the public sector, associated agencies and organisations to meet and consider the latest thinking and legislation affecting children and young people.  In recent years the scope of the conference has expanded to encompass the broader children's services agenda.  The conference is a fixture in the diary of the Secretary of State and the shadow spokesperson from the main opposition parties.  Keeping health and well-being high on the agenda and learning about the science involved is something that is at the heart of our campaigning.


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