Infection Prevention and Control Community Nurses Study Day

Spencer House Birchwood Warrington
24th January 2013

Derek Butler presented the patient's perspective highlighting the importance of communication between healthcare workers, patients and their carers at Bridgwater Community Healthcare Trust's Infection Prevention and Control Community Nurses Study Day.

Sandra Holt Infection Control Specialist Nurse at Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust, part of Warrington PCT, contacted Derek Butler our Chair last year to invite him to give a presentation to around 40 community link nurses at their Infection Control Study day at Spencer House in Birchwood near Warrington.

The theme of the day was centered on good communication and information between healthcare providers from acute hospitals to GP surgeries, nursing homes and care in the community such as patient's homes.

Derek presented the patient's perspective highlighting the importance of good information, communication and importantly education between healthcare workers, patients and their carers. All too often we have seen how poor communication can have a serious detrimental effect on the outcomes for those needing medical care. Derek showed how many of our members had been affected by the poor communication between them and the medical profession and how, all too often, information was withheld from them and the patient even though they were asking all the right questions.

Derek showed how good information and communication along with educating the medical staff and the public can have a huge impact on improving patient outcomes when receiving medical care, and where it is possible for patients and their families to help in their own care this should be encouraged giving them all the information required to do this. Derek showed that this was not rocket science, it cost nothing to implement, but paid untold dividends to both the patient and their families and to the NHS overall

Derek used patient stories to show how the system had failed people along with cases where when the medical staff involved the patient in their own care giving them the necessary information to further their recovery and this was much swifter and helped to reduce the financial burden on the NHS.

Derek did however reiterate that there would be instances where some patients and their families would not be able to be overly involved in their own care, and that the primary responsibility to giving the patient the right care was still that of the medical professionals.

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