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MRSA Action UK regularly contribute to articles in publications and journals which have a broad circulation across the health economy, to include the NHS, central and local government and the third sector. Our Chair Derek Butler, President Professor Hugh Pennington and members of MRSA Action UK are always pleased to contribute, so please contact us if you would like an interview or a contribution to a publication, a sample of articles are listed below.

  • MRSA Action UK Proposal To The Government
    Healthcare Infections A Manifesto 2015

    29 April 2015

    MRSA Action UK believes the government must continue to invest in the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections and strategies to manage the threats of antimicrobial resistance.
    Our manifesto sets out our proposal to the government.

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    Technic: The Journal of Operating Department Practice

    September 2012 Volume 3 Issue 5

    Please be the best you can be

    Patient experience

    After hospital-acquired MRSA indirectly cost her mother her life, Maria Cann became a champion for infection prevention. Here she reflects on how this has affected the way she perceives healthcare. More...

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    Infection Control

    May 2012

    Where do we go from here? An interview with Professor Hugh Pennington exploring the progress we’ve made in fighting hospital-acquired infections

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    Practical patient care

    April 2012 Issue 9

    MRSA Action UK's Derek Butler on ways to prepare to reduce the risk of post-operative infections. The standard of cleanliness in hospitals remains a hot topic for debate, with many patients concerned about being admitted for fear of contracting an infection. Derek Butler, chair of MRSA Action UK, talks about ways to improve patient care prior to surgery and reduce the risk of post-operative infections....

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    Sustainable Gov

    27 March 2012

    MRSA Action UK's Derek Butler on getting back to basics with infection prevention

    The rights of patients to clean safe care should, I believe, override all other interests, be that ethical or moral and if you talk to the families of those who have been affected they believe in this whole heartedly. There is nothing ethical in allowing anyone to contract an avoidable infection when receiving care, says MRSA Action UK Chair Derek Butler...

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    Public Service Review

    Issue 26 January 2011

    Spreading the word

    While the Coalition has made some positive changes to the MRSA policy it inherited from Labour, more must be done to educate the public about infection control, says MRSA Action UK Chair Derek Butler...

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    Health Global

    December 2010

    Derek Butler, Chair of MRSA Action UK, asks have we created the ultimate antibiotic paradox?...

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    Public Service Review

    Issue 25 November 2010

    The war on bacteria

    The emergence of the NDM-1 enzyme is yet another reminder of the growing resistance of bacteria and pathogens to antibiotics, as Derek Butler, Chair of MRSA Action UK, highlights

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    GovToday Editorial

    August 2010

    Derek Butler gives a perspective on "A Health Economy Approach to Quality Care" and the need to improve surveillance of healthcare associated infections in and outside of hospital...

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    Health Global

    June 2010

    Derek Butler, Chair of MRSA Action UK, comments on the tough decisions that will be needed to cope with growing pressure on the NHS and the need to provide efficient quality healthcare...

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    Public Service Review

    Issue 23 Spring 2010

    Cutting through the cuts

    Derek Butler, Chair of MRSA Action UK, argues that meddling with NHS financing will put lives in jeopardy with investment still needed if infection control campaigns are to be successful...

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    Healthcare Infections - A Manifesto 2010

    Download the manifesto and view MRSA Action UK's proposal to the government on aspirations for infection prevention for the UK

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    national health executive

    January/February 2010

    With government spending on the NHS continuing to increase and the private sector playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of health care and ancillary services, the opportunity to do business with the NHS has never been greater. National Health Executive features thought provoking and sometimes controversial editorial by some of the biggest names in the health sector-managers, academics, politicians and clinicians-on the big issues affecting the NHS. Derek Butler considers the current state of play on healthcare infections....

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    Public Service Review

    Issue 22 Winter 2009

    Biting back at the bed bugs

    MRSA Action UK Chair Derek Butler asks if managing high bed occupancy can be balanced to ensure the delivery of appropriate care - at the right time, and in a safe setting...

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    Public Service Review

    Issue 21 Autumn 2009

    The unsinkable NHS?

    Derek Butler, Chair of MRSA Action UK, tells editor Caroline Pennington why measures must be taken to stop the disastrous spread of healthcare associated infections...

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    Public Service Review

    Issue 20 Summer 2009

    A pro-patient performance

    The Care Quality Commission - super regulator or another super quango, MRSA Action UK Chair Derek Butler shares his thoughts on the drive to improve quality in healthcare...

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    Health Global December 2009

    Derek Butler, Chairman, MRSA Action UK comments on what is needed in the drive to improve quality in the NHS

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    Soap star: The hygiene special issue

    March 2009 Issue: 45

    On NHS cleaning contracts - paying a little and getting a lot just cannot be done. It is time to stop the finger pointing of who is to blame for the poor cleanliness of our hospitals, says Derek Butler....

    Comment: Many would think it is the more visible and pressing matters of employment law, health and safety and premises management that Workplace Law's online advice panel is asked about most frequently; maternity leave or unfair dismissal, perhaps.

    But one of the most asked about topics is, without a doubt, workplace bathrooms - and, as we found out in the course of putting this magazine together, it is always the more unusual subjects such as workplace bathrooms that prove most interesting when subjected to further research.

    The bathroom is, after all, one of the only facilities that all workplaces have to have, thus providing many issues for managers to contend with; there are problems related to staff monitoring, allocation, disability and access, as well as hygiene problems that can be carried from the bathroom to the rest of the workplace. Within the remit of this topic, small questions lead to large answers.

    The killer that is stalking the wards

    September 2008

    MRSA Action UK disputes the claims that the Government is on top of the fight against healthcare infections on analysis of the 2008 Health Protection Agency figures, more...

    Speech to Parliamentary Scientific Committee

    22 January 2008

    Professor Hugh Pennington, President MRSA Action UK, more....

    Osteotomy as an indicator of antiseptic surgical practice

    Professor Hugh Pennington published an article in 1994 which examines antisepsis in bone surgery where lessons from history take a time to embed. Written at the time of the UK Government's 1993 review of science and technology, the paper demonstrates the need to close the gap between scientific discovery and application to revolutionise surgical practice and prevent unnecessary infection, more....


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