Walk in Macclesfield Forest in memory of Paul Kelly
Saturday 20th August

With the morning sun on Saturday 20th August came nerves (will anyone turn up, will the coach break down - that sort of thing) then the phone calls everyone checking if everyone else was ok and also the emotion seeing my parents wearing rugby shirts with PAUL in big letters on their backs and me in a Manchester City shirt (even though I'm a red).  Our family received well wishes from around the globe Switzerland, New Zealand and the UK.  I had the pleasure of meeting two of Paul's friends for the first time Dave and Stephen who met Paul doing the Peru Cancer Research walk and walked with him regularly ever since.  Being 'professional walkers' they set the pace and within minutes I could see why my brother got on so well with them.  My father's health isn't too good so he went straight in the pub (along with a few others I won't mention!) whilst my mother 70+ (sorry mum) took Paul's nephew Louis and his 3 school friends all 12 years old on the short scenic route around the reservoir.

There are too many people to mention but you know who you are, special cousins, aunts & uncles plus an old school friend who all helped us through.  It was 'a cracking day' as Paul would have said. The charity page is doing well and I'm sure it won't be long before I set myself the next challenge. One thing is for sure it will be an outdoor event Paul was happiest up a mountain, under the sea scuba diving or on a sports field.  Bye for now and good luck with all your fund raising events.  Paul's sister,  Angie x 

In memory of Paul


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