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For my dad
Clifford Geoffrey Jenkyns
22nd May 1938 to 15th November 2011

It is an honour to become a trustee for such a worthwhile charity.

On the 15th November 2011, my life changed forever as a result of MRSA. My wonderful Dad Clifford Jenkyns passed away on that sad day. In March 2011, my Dad got diagnosed with Mesothelioma plural cancer in his lungs, thankfully it had been caught early. In June he went to see a specialist who said that as my Dad was super fit and healthy and as they had caught the cancer early they could operate and take away the lining of one of his lungs and that he would last at least another ten years.

In July 2011, my Dad went into hospital for a routine procedure to insert a lung drain. This is where he caught MRSA. The cleanliness standards of the hospital were questionable, and the things that we witnessed were unbelievable. My Dad bravely fought against this terrible infection for over four months. He went from being a vibrant full of life healthy person, who always helped other people, to being weak, frail and weighing less than seven stone. Then on that November night we lost him, he died in the arms of my wonderful Mum.

MRSA not only effects patients but leaves a lasting scar on the hearts and lives of those who are left behind. This is the reason that I became a trustee, I want to support those who have gone through what my family and I have gone through, and I want to do all I can to spread the word, and prevent it from happening to other people.

I remember two nights before my Dad passed, we were all watching 'The Secret Millionaire' and my Dad said to me, Andrea, 'I am glad I am watching this programme about those people who are suffering, I really feel for them and when I get better I will help them too, I also realise how lucky I am'.

Dad we are the lucky ones for having you in our lives, and I want to carry on your wishes and help other people.

Andrea Jenkyns

For my Dad Clifford Geoffrey Jenkyns 1938-2011.


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