10 Downing Street

Andrea is invited to Number 10 and she's proudly sporting her MRSA awareness ribbon! 

Since my beloved Dad passed away, I am sure that he has become my guardian angel and is working his magic up there for me. For since Dad's passing I have received three invitations out of the blue. Firstly to visit the House of Commons, secondly Number 10 and then on the 22nd May, Mum and I have been invited to the Queens Garden Party, which amazingly, is on my Dad's birthday.

On the 10th may, 2012 I had a memorable day in London. I was invited by Member of Parliament for Kettering Phillip Hollobone to visit the House of Commons. I had a tour and sat in both houses to watch debates.

Phillip is one of the hardest working MP's I have ever met, he does not employ any staff and answers all correspondence himself. He was an attentive host, and really seemed to care about what my views were on various topics. I turned the discussion to MRSA Action UK and told him of the good work that the charity does, and how I got involved, and went into details of the circumstances surrounding my Dad's passing due to MRSA. He was genuinely moved and he was really keen to find out more about the Charity and about MRSA.

After a wonderful afternoon, I then went on to Number 10, I had an invitation to a reception with the Prime Minister David Cameron. Downing Street was certainly grand, and I could not resist a sneaky photograph outside Number 10. I had the opportunity to network and spread the word about the charity to those I met.

Thanks again Dad, for organising this

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