This website has been designed to be accessible and inclusive to as many people as possible.


Cascading style sheets are used for visual layout. Font sizes are set relatively so that the pages will increase or decrease with your browser settings.


We have made every effort to ensure this web site is easily readable using plain English. In addition, we have ensured that the design of this website is not an obstacle to its usability and readability.


Our website is enabled with BrowseAloud which provides speech, reading and translation support, giving access for anyone with print disabilities, dyslexia, limited literacy, mild visual impairments and people with English as a second language. BrowseAloud has been tested on the most popular browsers and works well with Safari, Internet Explorer 8-11, Chrome and Firefox.

BrowseAloud will

  1. Read web pages aloud in a human-sounding voice
  2. Read PDF and Word documents in their original format
  3. Highlight each word as it is spoken to show you where you are on the page
  4. Magnify text to your chosen font size and font style
  5. Translate 19 languages
  6. Look up accurate dictionary definitions
  7. Convert text to MP3
  8. Mask information on the screen to help you focus on a particular area

If you need any more help regarding BrowseAloud, contact the BrowseAloud Support Team on:

  1. Tel: +44 (0)28 9442 8105
  2. Email:

Google translate

We have made Google translate available for visitors to machine-translate selected pages on this website. Machine translation is the process whereby computer software translates text from one language into another. The software considers the grammatical structure of each language and uses rules and assumptions to transfer the grammatical structure of the source language into the translated language. Google translate allows you to grasp the general intent of the original text, but will not produce a polished translation equivalent to that produced by a professional translator.

Find out more about how Google translate works on their support page.


Any machine-translations provided on this website are automated and therefore may not be accurate, and may contain incorrect or misleading language. Any individual or entity that obtains information from this translation service does so at their own risk and MRSA Action UK will not be responsible for any damage or loss arising from the use of the translation software.


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