World MRSA Day at Infection Prevention 2013
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Colleagues from across healthcare recognised the significance of World MRSA Day on October 2nd at Infection Prevention 2013. The exhibition hall at ExCel London was full of people wearing awareness ribbons, we took the opportunity to take photos on the day. If you were there with your awareness ribbon on and can't see your picture here, then please send us a photo wearing your ribbon and we will include it here, October is MRSA Awareness Month so you can play a part in letting everyone know the significance of MRSA and how important it is to help prevent infections with good clinical practice and surveillance.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Supporters and our sponsors for the event - Sarah, Adam Harwood and Simon Price of Molnlycke Healthcare with Derek Butler

Professor Graham Ayliffe on World MRSA Day

Dr Bharat Patel, Consultant Medical Microbiologist with Derek

Supporters Synergy Health

Supporters and corporate sponsors Carefusion

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