MRSA Objective External Reference Group 

Terms of Reference


To provide expert, external scientific, clinical, operational and practical advice to the Department of Health on issues surrounding the development of the MRSA Objective, to inform development of proposals for submission to the National Quality Board and for subsequent consultation (and to advise on issues raised through the consultation process).


The MRSA objective will cover the numbers of MRSA bloodstream infections in NHS organisations in England.  It will be a national definition of measure and will be applied locally, at least to acute NHS trusts. 


The objective will not cover other infections, such as MSSA (Meticillin Sensitive Staphylococcus aureus) or C. difficile.  It will not cover MRSA infections other than bloodstreams.


In particular: 


-        To provide a 'sounding board' for objective ideas, and to provide insight as to how they might be received and implemented in practice.


-       To feedback to the Department of Health potential issues of concern surrounding the MRSA objective.


-        To consider any equality issues relating to the development and implementation of the objective.


-        To consider any central or local data needs arising from the development of the MRSA objective.


-        To advise on how the objective and its impact can best be communicated to non-expert audiences.

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