Mid Essex Hospital Infection Prevention Link Practitioner Study Day

10 November 2015

Derek Butler was invited to address the Link practitioner’s infection prevention & control study day after Katheryn Hobbs Senior Infection Prevention Nurse Broomfield Hospital heard him speak at the AHCP conference earlier on in the year at Milton Keynes.

There were some 50 to 60 Link nurses at the infection prevention & control study day and Derek gave a presentation showing that good infection prevention and control was all about hearts and minds. Derek showed that it was all too easy for infection control to fail and that it was not difficult to be able to have infection control that ensured that the risk of patients contracting avoidable healthcare infections was reduced to the irreducible minimum and that one avoidable infection was one too many.

Derek told the personal stories of patients that had been lost to these infections and highlighted how if things had been done correctly many of those lost would still be alive today. Derek told the delegates that it was not just those who had been lost, or suffered from an avoidable healthcare infection that had been affected. In many cases what had happened had changed the lives of the families of those patients who had been lost. Many of the staff afterwards said that the presentation had brought home to them how they needed to continually look to improve their infection prevention and control practices.

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