Membership of MRSA Action UK plays an important part in helping to fund our work and is open to anyone who supports our aims.

By being a member you are able to have your say in our future. All members of MRSA Action UK have the right to vote annually, meaning your voice will be listened to as we continue to support anyone affected by MRSA or a healthcare associated infection. Members are invited to work in partnership with health professionals to ensure that patients and their families receive the best possible care and promote research to reduce the burden of MRSA and other healthcare associated infections, and antimicrobial resistance.

In return for your annual subscription you will receive:

  1. Our newsletter, sent bi-monthly, containing news and updates from MRSA Action UK, including events that may be of interest

  2. Our Annual report, keeping you abreast of our research, prevention and campaigning agenda

  3. Invitations to events enabling direct contact with healthcare experts in the field of infection prevention and control and antimicrobial resistance

  4. Updates on a wide range of activities promoting infection prevention and control, including infection prevention training days

  5. Access to any information you require about MRSA or other healthcare associated infections

  6. Advice on what to do if you have been affected by MRSA or other healthcare associated infections and want to feedback to your hospital or GP

You can help just by giving an annual subscription of £10, or you may wish to help by distributing leaflets, or in some other way. We are all volunteers helping to raise awareness and providing support to those affected by healthcare associated infections, join us today by downloading our membership form

MRSA Action UK
Registered Charity No. 1115672

Please return to Mrs Maria Cann, Secretary, 6 Lunesdale Road, Kirkham, Lancs, PR4 2HS

If have any queries regarding Membership please either email us or call 07762 741114

You can also donate through JustGiving

If you think you can help then please get in touch to talk about getting involved, you may like to help with fundraising and raising awareness. You can do this by donating through Just Giving securely or by creating your own fundraising page or a page in memory of someone.

Just ten pounds could help to support people affected by MRSA or other infections by helping with advice and understanding from others who have been affected. It could also help to provide patient information leaflets, posters to raise awareness on how to prevent infections, leaflets and training materials for seminars, workshops and education events.

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