The Information Standard

MRSA Action UK has been certifified as a producer of reliable health and social care information by The Information Standard.

The Information Standard is a certification scheme for health and social care information. It has been established by the Department of Health to help patients and the public make informed choices about their lifestyle, their condition and their options for treatment and care.

About 50,000 organisations produce health and social care information for the public in England and some people can feel overwhelmed by the volume of material and be unsure what to trust.

The Information Standard has been introduced to fulfil the need for a "quality filter" to help people decide which information is trustworthy. It provides a recognised "quality mark" which indicates that an organisation is a reliable source of health and social care information.

To gain its certification, MRSA Action UK has had to demonstrate that the systems and methods it uses to produce its material are robust and result in material that is accurate, accessible, impartial, balanced, based on evidence and well-written.

Links to external sites (corporate links, links and help, press and media) are excluded from the scope of certification.

The Information Standard quality mark

MRSA Action UK shall hold responsibility for the accuracy of the information they publish and neither the scheme operator nor the scheme owner shall have any responsibility whatsoever for costs losses or direct or indirect damages or costs arising from inaccuracy of information or omissions in information published on the website on behalf of MRSA Action UK.

The Information Standard quality mark does not apply to third party user-generated content of linked to this website, such as the MRSA Action UK blogspot, Twitter or Facebook. Tweets and re-tweets are not endorsements of opinion. Moderators are notified when content is posted, any content that is likely to impact on the integrity of MRSA Action UK, the information it publishes, or the integrity of The Information Standard will be removed.

Read more about the scheme on The Information Standard website.

MRSA Action UK worked with the Royal Society for Public Health Certification in order to achieve certification. MRSA Action UK's procedural guidance can be downloaded here

Created 31.01.2012 Updated 01.06.2015


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