Family fun day at the Cherwell Centre, Blackpool, Sunday 9th June 2013

Derek Butler, Chair of MRSA Action UK, opened the Family Fun Day at the Cherwell Centre on Sunday. The event was attended by the Blackpool Grange Park Scout Group and sponsored by the local Grange Pharmacy, and there were a lot of fun activities to take part in, and lovely food and refreshments laid on.

Shey Sharples raised over £200 in sponsorship for taking part in a bungee jump, and we took along Staphon, on loan from Molnelycke Healthcare. We held a lucky dip where children won lots of superbug prizes.

When opening the event Derek spoke of the work that goes on at the Cherwell Centre with regard to learning about growing food, nutrition, and of course keeping well and practising good hand hygiene, part of everyone's role.

Derek gave a dedication to Maureen Horn who sadly couldn't be with us as she was poorly in Blackpool Victoria Hospital, we also took the opportunity to get an announcement read out to her on Radio Wave who were at the event.

Mark Harrison from West Lancashire Scouts is pictured with Derek Butler, Peter Collins and Shey Sharples.

We visited Maureen after the event and were impressed by the posters and large wall displays reminding staff about the five moments of hand hygiene, well done to Blackpool Victoria Hospital for making this message seen and for helping patients and visitors understand the significance of their five moments for hand hygiene too.

Your five moments of hand hygiene:

On entering a ward use the alcohol hand rub located at the entrance to prevent taking harmful bacteria or viruses into the ward environment

Before patient contact clean your hands when approaching the patient at the bedside to protect the patient's skin from harmful bacteria or viruses

Before assisting with patient meals before you handle patient's food to protect the patient from swallowing harmful bacteria or viruses

After visiting the toilet or bathroom please wash and dry your hands before leaving the toilet or bathroom to prevent you from spreading harmful bacteria or viruses around the hospital

After contact with the patient surroundings clean your hands when you leave the patient's bedside to protect yourself and to prevent spreading harmful bacteria or viruses around the hospital environment

If you or someone you care about has been affected by a healthcare associated infection and you wish to discuss this with us, please contact us at

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